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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The price of a ship to hire?

We have had many discussions regarding how, in bulk shipping, do shipowners calculate the price of their ships at any given moment. How is it that one day a ship is woreth this much to hire and the next day the rate is different? How is it that two seamingly similar vessels are rating the same cargo / business at very different rates?

This answer is long and varied and my voyage estimation pack will answer this question and more in great detail.

But alas I have a short answer! And this is the truth.....so take note any unsuspecting charterer or mining company..


Say it loud - bulk shipping is a commodity business (the commodity being FREIGHT) not a cost business.......

This also explains why shipbrokers and freight traders get paid the same if not more than commodity traders and brokers. Many people think that organising shipping is the menial job of a lowly paid shipping clerk.

When people realise that millions are being made and lost and that bulk freight is highly negotiable, tradeable commodity - then we get closer to the truth.

Keep rocking


  1. Great post again.. I wonder How much a Freight trader can make in a good year, its seems to me that this part of the industry is a very close circle. I know that freight trading is a very risky business and I know that you should have a lot of money to become a freight trader, but why is so secretive?

  2. G'day

    A freight trader works within a shipping company or a shipoperating or trading company and would make the same as shipbrokers or other commodity traders...So no difference.

    Its secretive like most of bulk shipping....thats why I have written my books!

    (and the books have been read in over 30 countries)

    good luck!