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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mixed signals

Is it just me or do others feel like they have played 5 sets of tennis after reading the financial news. In yesterdays local financial rag, page 3 covered 4 stories, each one presenting a new set of economic figures that could make any self respecting investor go completely mad!

In the red corner we hear that spending is up, stock markets are bouncing back, reserve bank governors are making appearances without bullet proof vests, and apparently the economic supecycle timeclock is just a tick past 8 pm. Good times baby!

In the blue corner we have gold reaching new highs, Chinese politicians and business leaders declaring they fear for the future, a baltic dry index in desperate need of an intravenus dose of Ben Johnson moose juice and a vessel forward order book that is making champaign bottle manufacturers beam with lofty expectation.

Maybe its always been this way and its only now that I know enough to know that I know nothing.

Time for bed



  1. Hello VS... good morning!

    This post sounds like a rather socratic revelation. personally, I have given up trying to rationalize the situation. Day by day, the sway of the market dynamics seem more chaotic and my belief in theory is melting away.

  2. Yes Emre quite right.

    BTW thanks for the link to Socrates. I too walk the streets yelling indisciminantly at passers bye, looking like an unshaven homeless man - especially after a long lunch and a fixture that got away!