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Monday, April 6, 2009

Fast Track Testimonials

FYG - Since publication - there are one or two key concepts that i have since thought about that I will add to the book. For those of you who have already bought the book these add-ons will be onforwarded to you free of charge. Infact any future updates are available as free updates for those of you already with the book.

Dear VS,
I purchased Fast Track and read it. I liked it.

Is Fast Track easy to understand? It didn't look that way in the beginning. I tried skipping around but that was difficult (unlike "inside shipbroking").

I wanted to start with the dialogues, but couldnt fully understand them without reading "essential concepts."

Even more so for the negotiations portion. But when I read from start to finish, it made sense and seems helpful.

There's a necessary flow to it.

"What part of Fast Track did you find most useful? The ship broker dialogues. They seem like they give valuable insight. Looking forward to more.



I've gone through your training manual. It's an excellent insight to the shipbroking industry. Good work!



Hi. As a trainee shipbroker I think your fast track is easy to understand. The shipbroker conversations are very realistic. I am looking forward to reading more.



Your e-books Inside Shipbroking and Shipbroker Fast Track are well worth buying and reading. I am currently enrolled in the ASBA Shipbroking & Chartering Practice course and found your books to fill in the blanks very nicely. Some practical info to go along with the legal aspects of the industry.

Don Divine


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