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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A big thank you to all the readers of the e-books.

Great News - Since making the books available 3 weeks ago - Today sold my 30th book! 19 Inside Shiprbroking and 11 Fast Tracks.

Does anyone know how many I have to sell to make the NY times best seller list?

In all seriousness I am excited to have sold even one copy. The books allow a great outlet for my didactic nature, and the fact that 30 of you have purchased them is just a bonus.

Sofar the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I have beem amazed at the cross section of people who have taken the plunge.

Buyer of the books have been

2 Shipbrokers
3 Traineee shipbroker
Students from various backgrounds including the Chartered Institute of Shipbrokers exams, Law and Business.
A Shipowner employee
A Senior ship operations person from a major shipowner
Various people with family/friend connections within the resource and shipping industries looking to get into shipping
The owner of an large third party logisitcs company looking to branch out.
A Seaman
A CEO of a mining company
2 shipping and investment related entrepreneurs
A Banking and Finance exec
and others who are just names on the paypal website!

(from all corners of the globe)

Thanks again for your support and feedback.

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  1. Just bought your book!
    Now I can prepare myself for a broker job.


    A happy maritime law student

  2. Ah! Welcome - another student law major. Hope you enjoy the book.

  3. Hi,

    I am a sailor and would lke to shift over to chartering/ broking with initially working for a shipping company / ship owner or broker.
    What al qualifications do I need to get a job, with my prsent experience as a sailor which i have been since 2003.
    I have also completed my BSc in Nautical Technology and have secured a distinction(78%) in BSc.
    I have a tanker experience.


    An unsatisfied Sailor

  4. Hi Ajit

    Shipbrokers and charterers do not need any formal qualifications.

    Best Regards