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Hi. I am a shipping company director, transport academic, author, family man and all round nice guy. I have worked as shipbroker, shipowner, freight trader and bulk charterer, in senior positions, with some of the largest and most disrespected (joke) companies in the world. Ask my advice on all things shipping and you will receive my blunt and always honest answer. Hang around to learn more about chartering and ship broker salaries, chartering and ship broker jobs, chartering and shipbroker recruitment agencies, cheap freight, maritime education, chartering and ship broker qualifications, become a ship broker, tips on how to be a successful bulk shipping executive, philosophy, Zen and the art of shipbroking, and much more. Yours The Virtual Shipbroker (recently proclaimed the guru of shipbroking) Copyright © 2009-17 by Virtualshipbroker

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In the two years this blog has been running I have recieved numerous emails from importers, exporters and shipping companies asking my advice about various shipbroking firms.

In equal proportion have been the requests for shipowning companies able to move certain bulk goods

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20 years in the industry (plus through this blog) I have built up a great list of close contacts who are experts in just about every field of shipbroking and shipowning. Many of them have referrals from me and don't even know it! Many of them do know about it because I have helped train them and their teams.

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