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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The greatest shipping book ever written?

So I thought I would tell you guys about the greatest shipping book I have ever read.

Title: We, the Drowned by Carsten Jensen

I just finished reading it and I would venture to say not only is this the greatest shipping novel ever written but quite possibly my favourite novel of all time.

EPIC - on a slightly smaller scale then say Tolstoys 'War and Peace'.

So if you love literature and are interested in all things shipping then this on one helluva book.

Traces the trial and tribulations of the small Danish maritime town of Marstel over a 100 year period.

It's people and the rise and fall of the shipping markets, ship owning, ship broking, life at sea - all the good stuff - through wars, depressions, booms and busts.

Check it out



  1. Dear VS,
    Who earns more - Ship Broker or Bunker Broker ? :)

  2. Hi VS, in summer mode here, so can def do with some good reading tips. I assume you read Matthew McCleery's 'The Shipping Man'?

  3. Thanks for this. It looks interesting book! :) Yey!