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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Can anyone help with Pavels' excellent question?


Tell me pls something like 'del Canakkale via BlSea redel EMed - 6k daily' can be automatically considered as DOP rate? I mean if the owner finished his previous biz let's say in Piraeus and then he ballasted his vessel to Canakkale to hold it there idle waiting for new proposals. In this case Canakkale can't be actually called as 'last port of discharge'. So can this 'del Canakkale via BlSea redel EMed' still be considered as DOP?
P.S. Hope my definitions and explanatios are clear. Many thanks.


Go on - I dare someone to answer! Lets get interactive here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm not that familiar with the area but I presume you require pilots to navigate through the narrows at Canakkale so I suppose it could be classified as DOP. The ship would deliver as the pilot departs after you pass that area, but this wording would be unclear if you need pilots all the way past Gallipoli (ie multiple pilots)... APS *local pilot station* would be best so there is no confusion as to which pilot's departure triggers delivery.

  2. Am I in deep turd if I didn't understand anything, and still wan't to be a shipbroker?

  3. Ok guys some nice comments - as far as im concerned I have never fixed basis dop Canakkale - always delivery 'Passing" Canakkale either southbound or northbound..

    So in your case deliver canakkale would be a 'passing' rate.

    Check out my post regarding the different 'places' a ship can deliver or redeliver.

    And to the second poster - yes you are pushing turd up a hill if know nothing about anything...

    There is always politics...

    Wishing you luck


  4. This is recent added. Why ? Because traffic in that region is gone crazy and the Turks are afraid of any major disaster. They introduced traffic regulations same as for Bosphorous strait. And sometimes your lady can wait for days to pass to due fogy weather
    or if some VLCC passing. And the trick is that as per local regulation in the case of northbound due to bad weather pilot is mandatory to pass Dardanalle Strait and drop out pilot station is Canakale and can be considered last port of discharge.

    This " del Canakale" is definitively in favor of Charterer. Simply because less cost for passing Dardanelle strait and most important laycan ( a lot of owners are blaming traffic congestion for Dardanale and Bosphorous Strait passage).
    You can see this in grain and oil biz.

    If you have any other question for Balck Sea region do not hesitate to ask...... VS and blog readers.



  5. Hello Dear Cosmin,

    I live in Turkey, Istanbul. I am sorry for that i am not experienced in maritime industry. I am new graduated from maritime faculty. I would like to ask you something if you please. Yes, Dardanelle strait is DOP region and traffic is also crowded. But i didn't understand that " del Çanakkale " is definitively in favor of Charterers. I aggree with you that less cost for passing Dardanelle strait but how is it being in favor of Charterer for laycan. Because if the lady waits or being late to get out of the area, how is it being in favor of Charterer. I am sorry, i really confused that's why i am asking.

    Best Regards


  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments. I guess finally in my example 'dely Canakkale' or even 'dely passing Canakkale' can't be called DOP delivery. This is something medium which is really better to characterize as 'passing'.

  7. It is very simple. Charterers do not need to pay hire for waiting time!
    Such costs are pure lost for Charterers, paying for a vessel which is not moving, nor in cargo fixture. Further, such delay out of the delivery laycan will give Charterers a weapon to drop her.

  8. I think the discussion has somewhat deviated from the question.
    First of all, any fixture stating 'del Canakkale ....' (as stated above) is a sloppy job by ownrs and brokers, creating problems in timecounting.
    May i try to elaborate:
    DOP - dropping OUTBOUND pilot (pilot walks DOWN the ladder) .
    APS - ARRIVING pilot station (Pilot should be there, and walking UP the ladder ..
    Passing - vsl at speed, passing a longitude/latitude, place etc.
    Hence, in the above question, vsl will DROP the pilot at pilot station, Piraeus.
    if delivery is APS Canakkale, the vsl will take pilot at pilot station (which i blve is Dardanelles), and time starts to count.
    if delivery is PASSING Cannakale - ownrs have to arrange pilot himself, the cost of same would have to be a matter for the cp terms as most cp's dont take into account partial usage of pilots.

    As the pilot was dropped at Piraeus, it is impossible to have DOP delivery in Turkey.
    (there are exceptions, in case you have 2 pilots on board, or in some ports, not Western hemisphere to my knowledge) where there are specific Harbour pilots and Port Pilots respectively .

    Hope this helps ?

    Rgds Svein