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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Advice for trainees

Dear VS
good to hear you are still on, me and a friend (in Northern Europe), just started as trainees on different bulk shipping companies so we are part of this whole new way of life and heavy drinking style:
Compulsory as my boss said once.
Anyway, we are both going at some point to the chartering department, and we both were loooking at your blog and books.
Since we are not 100% related to the broker part of the shipping industry, but still very close to the whole thing, i would like you to recommend us, which of your books will be helpful for us taking into account we are in the chartering department?. as owner and charterers of course.
thanks for your guidance
Hi Peter
Yes the world of bulk shipping is a baptism of fire for young people. My advice is yes partake in the social side and yes it is expected in most 'shipping scenes' around the globe. But imprtantly stay balanced. Keep fit and have hobbies outside of shipping. Don't let the social side eat you up and spit you out 20 kg heavier, with a drinking problem and 3 divorces.
Best book for you is Inside Shipbroking and / or Fast track. Both will give you lots of perspective in terms of why things happen and how you can make the best fo your first few years in the industry.
Otherwise have a drink or two on me!


  1. Dear VS,
    I am soon starting as a shipbroker trainee in the break bulk/multipurpose segment for a shipowner somewhere in Western Europe. May I ask whether you find any significant difference between dry bulk and break bulk shipbroking in terms of required knowledge skills, and last but not least remuneration. I am totally unsure whether I might be considering a change in the future, but it would be useful to know what could be the barriers to do so.
    Virtual Trainee

  2. Dear VS,

    Im big Fan of your blog and have read all your books.

    Have a question non related to above Topic.

    We have fixed a vsl on voy to load in 2 ports where loadspeed was the same and discharge in one. As per CP we have non reversible laytime.
    In Charterers Point of view two load ports should be calculated as one port and time saved at first loading port should be used as additional time at second.
    In owners Point of view - laytime for both loading ports have to be calculated separately due to non-reversible. Owners explain that if charterer wants to calculate load ports reversible they must have specifically mention that in main Terms/cp.

    we have English law.

    Question to you - who is right and who is wrong.

    Many thanks