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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Market commentary

As many of you know I occasionally provide a bit of market commentary for various market participants and for news agencies like Reuters.

I am currently putting together a report for some clients summing up my thoughts for the remainder of the year.

Thought I would share a few of these observations

Overall the market in my opinion isnt going anywhere too fast or too soon. The biggest stumbling blocks for the shipping industry and pretty large ones. Namely the still large forward order book for new ships which is still outpacing ship scrappings 2 to 1...(in general although this varies a some when we look at specific sizes)

This will change but not just yet..2014 will see closer parity between ships coming in and ships going out!

The other issue is that much of the world is still an economic basket case. Sure Cyprus and Greece have millenia's of great contributions to the world - but in more ways than one it seems that the credit has run out.

And the economic problems in Spain have finally caught up with Barcelona and Real Madrid who have succumbed to the relentless efficiencies of the Germans giants Bayern and Dortmund...WOW 3 NIL at home.....And Messi isnt even Spanish!

Dont get me wrong I love Spain and even intend to live there for a few months next year...and in all honesty and with the greatest regard to my German friends - I dont really want to live there....hang on....good football, fast cars, schnitzel (is this Austrian?) and beer....

Actually a little known fact is that I once did live in Germany...In a place called ULM...between Stuttgart and Munich....3 of the greatest months of my life....but many moons ago...

Then theres America (USA OF) and China - out two superpowers. Mixed reports out of both in terms of the economies....but I reckon things will improve for both....

What does this all mean for the rest of 2013.....treading water...unfortunately...

Keep rocking



  1. I freaking love this blog! Good insights with a humorous edge. Keep up the good work :) Greetings from Norway

  2. Thanks Mari...I love you too (even though we have never met).