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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


OUCH - I'm just saying

Some of you keen observers will notice that I have decided to focus on a tragic moment from the London Olympics rather than say a cyclist passing the finish line with arms raised, or a swimmer punching the water in Ecstasy after claiming gold. And yes you are right - that says more about me than you....

I have enjoyed these Olympics. So much drama, so many great performances and not just from the athletes. The media are gold medalists for sure. I love the focus on 'medal tallies'. Its a bit sinister - a little like a 'casualty' tally in times of war. Which nation is defeating the other!

Oh this is war.....make no mistake......national pride is at stake.

That brings me to Kazakhstan.....

Never in the history of the world has a country been more deserving of the acolades that it will now be afforded. The Borat series has only made this triumph so much sweeter. I love an underdog story and surely this is one of the greatest to be told!

Rumour has it the USA are looking at setting up European base of excellence in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan....just waiting for Senate approval.

Now back to my interest in my home nation - the landlocked Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Imagine my dismay in realising that "Sherpa hiking" (walking 200 miles whilst carrying 80 pounds on the back  whilst being shadowed by an over weight Westerner), "race the landslide" and "blue sheep spotting" failed once again to gain Olympic accreditation. The Russians and Chinese voting against. Alas our two athletes competed in archery but failed to make the finals.

It has been said though that our two athletes are by far the 'happiest' in the athletes village. An that is quite some feat considering the level of condom usage being reported on the wires.

At one point i wanted my daughter to be an olympian. Now i will push her to towards the arts....



  1. Funniest post.....lol

  2. Just a totally irrelevant question: is it ok to call a base of excellence European if it is located in an Asian country? :-))

    And Bhutan... Is it as great as it looks in pictures?

  3. OUCH! Olga you are quite right.....Kazakhstan is actually in Asia....i am an ignoramus! my apologies and thanks for fixing my mistake..

    And yes Bhutan is wonderful - i am the onlt shipping guy in the entire kingdom and so i monoplise our entire sea industry. Its a small pity that we are landlocked and have no sea industry to speak off but i stay positive that things will change.