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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shipping Markets

See that markets are at low levels but remain firmer.

Ship Scrapping at record levels and new orders are virtually non existent.

I remember at the height of the market we saw a plethora (yes i know a few big words) of new shipbuilding yards arise from no where, and my feeling is we will see many disappear at the same speed.

Also interesting to see that capital markets are still tight and much more private money seems to be circulating for shipping investments. The current state of play in Europe is not helping this climate and should the Greeks do a runner....then who knows what will happen. Most of the contingencies have already been factored into markets but until IT actually happens no one knows for sure where this mess will leed.

Maybe 'short term pain" for "long term gain" is something we all need to get used too..

Also see a new report saying the strongest growing economies over the next few years promise to be Mexico, Chile and Australia. So in every bad market...there are always a few that buck the trend.



  1. HI VS! first time that I write in your web after many years reading it!

    I would like to know if you can help me to find suitable information about MPP segment, I'm working as a broker for the past 2 years and still is hard to me find information for this particular segment of vessel smaller than handies. I read a lot of about Cape, Supra, Handy but nothing regardins this smaller ship that move many many commodites.

    are there any BDI for MPP? Fixture report, TC report etc?

    many thanks in advance!

  2. Hi

    Thanks question. The problem with the smaller ships is that its not a uniform market. I mean its very bespoked and the ships do different types of cargoes all the time. For this reason there is virtually no way one can give a voyage market commentary. I think there are some time charter rates available (published from brokers). Try Barry Rogliano or Fearnleys for more info.