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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Expert witness shipbroking / shipchartering / maritime operations

One interesting part of the growing VS shipping consultancy business is the requests i have had either to be, or to provide, and expert witness for some commercial shipping disputes.

I am anonymous so a i cannot partake but I have been able to help out a small handful of lawyers by pointing them in the right direction.

So here is a bit of a call to the bulk shipping experts out there...

If you have excellent deap sea / commerical knowledge and fancy yourself as an expert in your field then drop me a line and i will put you on my database and you never know you might get some work.

So if you are a shipbroking, chartering, operational expert just about anywhere in the world send and email to virtualshipbroker@yahoo.com

Dry Cargo, Tankers, Off Shore, SNP, Derivatives ....backgrounds all wlecome to register..

Not only must you be a proven expert but your honesty and integirty should be without question...

Oh...and if you are a maritime lawyer in need of an expert you know your first port of call...Right Here!

The Virtual Shipbroker


  1. Thanks for the post, as usual interesting.

    Wondering what do you think has evolved over the past two decades in the way broker work?

    In other words, what are the differences between Traditional Shipbrokers vs Modern Shipbrokers?


  2. Hallo, very interesting! so happy to find out your blog. P.S. i just become a shipbroker. Thanks :)

  3. Hi

    Shipbroking hasnt changes too much. The big difference is the use of technology. Other than that the basic skills are the same.

    And to the second poster ....congratulations and best wishes!