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Monday, March 15, 2010

Best feedback award!

Jean Paul has left a new comment on your post "Starting a Shipbroking Business and The Shipbroker...":


I just bought 'Shipbroker fasttrack' and 'Starting a shipbroking business'. I must admit I was a bit sceptical paying an 'anonymous' blogger claiming to disclose all these so called 'secrets and inside info... but I was even more surprised about the level of information I got! It is without a doubt and by far the best I've ever read on the subject and believe me I read a few.I started my first shipbroking steps in 1994 supported with a book called Shipbroking and Chartering Practice (Business of Shipping) by Lars Gorton, Rolf Ihre, and Arne Sandevarn, which was (and still is) a very good starting point; but believe me what the Virtual Shipbroker brings you as readymade ready to eat shipbroking practice full of chunky goodness!!

VS thanks for sharing this information. I have printed both books out and they will always within reach in my desk!!

Keep up the good work.

If it aint broke(d), dont fix it
There you go - im Speechless and appreciative. I have already showed my wife and mother the testimonial!

It is genuine as are all my testimonials (incase you were wondering)
I am glad to get some critical acclaim from someone who has been there and done that!

btw - If liked those two you should read the Voyage Estimation Tutorial (and software) only when you get the chance! I am proud of what I have done there...good for all levels fo chartering execs.

(yes spoken by a true broker)

Thanks again - made my week!


  1. I have as well bought the How to Start A Shipbroking Business, but just to see the structure of it. For me personally, there was almost nothing new or which I really didn't know about, but it was just perfectly put together. That's what it really counts and weights down.

    Really good writing indeed!

    By the way, for whoever interested, the guys at Wonsild & Son are hiring trainees. (www.wonsild.com)


  2. I'll take that compliment Jebus!

    Thanks for the Wonsild link

  3. Ok, now an Operations question>

    One vessel is loading paper in the port. One of your (agents') employees, gives green light to load paper under rain, without shippers/charterers confirmation. The master, however, does not issue any letter of protest and actually continues loading. However, after completion of the loading, master refuses to issue clean bills of lading.
    Shippers keeps you fully responsible for any damages and/or consequences. Put yourself in Agent's shoes and discuss your actions.

  4. Btw - I think Starting Shipbroking Business has lots of new things for different types of people depending on the types of background one has.

    Books like this are never one size fits all. The greatest thing about the book is its simple message - YOU can start a shipbroking business.