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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi all. I am travelling once again. A mixture of business and pleasure. With the business now over I am off to sit in the sun for a few days. Some surfing and snorkelling should clear out some of the spiderwebs that have formed between my ears, after a challenging 12 months.

Reminder to those who take the plunge and purchase one of the e-books. Its imperative that you print a copy of the book once downloaded. For security reasons you are only allowed a certain number of downloads. One or two of you have emailed me asking me to send you a new link because you failed to print the book.



  1. surfing rocks man, i caught some awesome waves last week. Got barreled big time on my 6'0 so good on you mate!

  2. Im a relative beginner JT so no barrels as yet. My ageing body is enjoying the challenge!

    Keep rocking!