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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Next writing project

Here is a major new initiative. The chance for you the readers of this blog to pick my next writing project. I have started a poll on the topic and you can start voting now.

1. "shipbroking" - the musical.
Laugh and cry your way through 4 hours of music, lyrics and interpretive dance - penned and choreagraphed by me! Set entirely in an Asian karaoke bar.

2. "Shipbrokers who have changed the world". A practical book so small that you can carry it in your wallet.

and 3.
"Our word is our Bond - all going well, weather permiting, without guarantee" - a shipbrokers perspective.

This is serious people - Help me decide..



  1. definitely the 3rd option. I would be more than happy to see agwwpwog making its way up the literary forums and daily language of millions.

  2. point of clarification. does option #1 come with a background chorus of japanese businessmen?

  3. Peter - good question. I will see what I can do!

  4. #3 hands down. #1 gets you involved with the "star" types...can you handle Branjolina? #2 leads to lawsuits...wastes time you could be surfing thru instead.

  5. If I get enough votes for number one Pamela Anderson has agreed to play one of the karaoke hostesses and Mel Brooks has agreed to produce the show.

  6. Pam is passe , # 2 - would be over in no time ..#3- is interesting to know your views & i think is challenging for you to compile it..

    so # 3 it is

  7. VS - Beyonce will swing my opinion ATDNSHINC.
    PS: Already bought the tickets for her show F1 weekend