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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kudos to an avid reader

Hi All.

I have decided to bump this post (to a title post) from a reader because it highlights something very important for aspirants into the shipping industry.

Direct access as a trainee shipbroker may 'not' be the most effective method, in terms of cost and time. Remember its all about getting in the door, and just maybe, coming in through the side door has many advantages. I discuss these fully in 'inside shipbroking'.

Kudos to the person who left this message

"Hello,Congratulations on your blog, still looks to be going strong!
I began reading around about the time you first set it up, due to an inexplicable interest in the shipping industry I developed last year... You would hardly believe how much has changed for me since then - two months ago I took my first job, as a research analyst for a major shipbroker. I thought you might like to hear this because your blog contributed to my interest in the shipping industry (although as I say, I don't broke ships). Whereas your latest articles regarding China and Australia wouldn't have meant anything to me a few weeks ago - I eat and drink these topics on a daily basis now!
Ahh anyway, props on the blog".


Oh Yeh - here's some advice if it is a shipbroking job that is your ultimate aim. You may be happy being a research analayst and that is very cool too.
Here is the advice

- Dress appropriately - like someone who aspires to be a broker. What this means will depend on which country you are in and the culture of the organisation you work for. Dont show people up (by wearing gold chains MR T style)- just be aware. (after 20 years you can wear nothing but your birthday suit, if that is your liking, and if you are making money).

- Answer the phones whenver you can- Use answering phones as a way to improve your verbal communications. There is a good and bad way to answer phones beieve it or not. - You may over time begin to recognise voices and after w hile strike up conversations of your own with important customers.

- Within reason be seen to going an extra mile. Dont leave when the clock turns 6.00 - wait until 6.23!- At any reviews let it be known that one day you WANT to be a broker.

- Accept any invitations to industry events

- Ask me questions, buy my books and read my blog!

That should just about do it

See you there!

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