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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shipbroking platforms - update

In a previous post I mentioned that the absence of any obvious and real revenue streams led me to the conclusion that the only use for these platforms is to provide some other supposedly unrelated company with "lead generation'.

The process being that someone gives the webbased company the details of a ship and cargo for sale in the understanding that there would be other counterparties with whom they can contract. And then unbeknownst to them 'out of the blue' a supposedly unrelated shipbroking company gives the client a phone call and offers them a service. The problem here is that the supposedly unrelated shipbroking company is also the owner of the 'unrelated' webpage but does not declare this anywhere or even admit this down the track.

A bit sneaky and I have become aware that this is infact the modus operandi for atelast two of these websites.

So buyer beware - when you are joing any of these websites what you are infact doing, on many occassion, is merely providing a 'shipping entrepreneur' with your contact details and paying for the privilege. Do not expect to be fixing ships in the way that the websites portrays.

Virtual Shipbroker

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