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Monday, July 13, 2009

For shipbrokers out there!

I have to say, after going through my 700 th email of the day - if you are a shipbroker please do the industry a favour stop sending cargo orders without customer account names and without full disclosure regarding commissions.

If you are wondering why no one is replying to your ciculations this is more than likely the reason. Plus you are clogging up the email sytems of legitimate brokers and principals.

The first thing a shipowner looks for from a brokers quote is legitimacy. If all your quotes seem to be shredded in secrecy then the only reasonable explanation is that 1. you are not direct and 2. you do not have authority from the charterer to be quoting these cargoes.

The only reason a broker should/might quote a cargo without a clients name is if the broker is exclsuive for that cargo / account, and therefore is trying to protect himself/cleint from attack from other brokers. This exclusivity also needs to be pointed out in the email.

Happy Fixing

(a frustrated) VS


  1. Shipbrokers....they're the WORST! lol...

    As an aside, how many e-mails does a shipbroker get each day on average (the complacent one vs. the "fixing machine").-and how many of them are legit?

  2. Hello Peter

    Both types of brokers probably get the same amount. Infact I would say Mr Average could receive more because he likes the feeling of having lots and lots of emails. It makes him feel fairly important and gives him something to do for half the day. Therefore he is less likely to block senders and ask for companies to take him of their circulation lists!

    On a less cynical note, a good broker should be looking to always refine his list of contacts. New company sending you emails? Give them 1 week to see if anything reasonable is being shared - if not - Block sender.

    First step is to block any senders who send cargo and ship positions leaving our account names and being ambiguous with commission structures - WAFTAM!

    A far as how many emails do brokers receive - The alrgest brokers in the world would recieve well over 1,000 per night.

    If you are an average sized shop you should be aiming to read maybe 500 per day. Its all about controlling the flow of useless information - and maximising the flow of useful information

    Hope this helps