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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fixing Machine - Tip 8

This one is used very effectively by a few experienced shipbrokers. In fact this is the method I have used the most over the years. It has bought both myself and the companies I have worked for great success.

Tip 8 - Concentrate on clients who are out of their depth. In other words - find a customer who knows very little and become their mentor.

This is easier, from a brokers persepective, with charterers than it is with shipowners because for many charterers 'shipping' is not their core business. Very often an inexpeirenced shipping clerk is thrown into a position of great authority and then expected to learn on the job.

Finding a client like this is great. The next step is to build a wall around the client to ward of other brokers. I talk alot about how to achieve this in my book 'starting a shipbroking business'.

Find a problem - fix it - make money!

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