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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starting a Shipbroking Business and The shipbrokerage Business Plan

Hi All

Both books are now available for general purchase. Follow the links to the Virtual Shipbrokers Books and Information Website.

(thanks to those who have already given me some great feedback)

For the time being both books are combined and will be sold as one book. Down the track I may split them up.

I think I have discussed the contents enough on the blog so those of you thinking of making the purchase please read all the available information and make an informed purchase decision.

A quick comment regarding the price. The price reflects a number of things.

1. There are two books

2. Starting a shipbroking business is different to wanting to be a shipbroker. The costs, risk and determination needed are much greater. Therefore the book is priced not for general consumption but for those truly interested in starting a business.

3. Anyone who purchases the book is able to contact me at any time for further clarifications.
You cannot do this with a hard copy. I am more than happy to answer questions regarding peoples own specific situations.

4. Because of the nature of an e-book I am able to continually update the books should new information come to hand. Any updates are available for free to previous buyers.


I am sure you will find the information useful.

Keep rockin

The Virtual Shipbroker

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