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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Relpy to a comment - explains more about the E-book

I thought I would create a new blog post rehashing a reply i have just given under another comment post.

This makes it more visible and will stop me having to repeat myself regarding the contents of the e-book

Jim wanted to know if I would explain more about the BDI and the 'insider' way it works.

Here is my reply


Jim - I have written about the BDI and will make a commentary regarding its relevance as a barometer of world economic health.

It is not a perfect measure becasue the bdi is amongst other things a reflection of 'trading' techniques by individual companies, Stockpliling / logistics issues, plus seasonal factors.

The term Insider as it will be used in the book refers more to me (the VS) being an insider and thus giving insider and hopefully insightful views and suggestions regarding the the mysterious world of international shipping.

The book will cover

- how the industry works
- discuss all the major player and how they make money
- provide those wanting to get into the industry with suggestions and a comprehensive method to improve ones chances,
- help those already in the industry with methods to leverage their positions....etc etc.
- plus some special surprises.

Hope this explains. Thanks again for the encouragement, im happy you enjoy the Blog.



  1. great reading - as the BDI gets its name from the long gone baltic exchange (sadly blown up many years ago by the IRA who couldnt find the bank of england but thats another story)which in turn had its origins in the coffee shops of London the creation of a 'virtual' exchange where ideas and thoughts can be discussed, knowledge passed on and the 'grey beards' of the industry be tapped for their advice is a great thing.

  2. Thanks for your post. I occassionally grow increasingly grey sideburns and a goatie - I hope I qualify!

    Nice to have some industry people reading the blog. Im sure there are a few out there. Worried about your name beng seen by others but want to ask some questions and share your industry thoughts, post ANON and contribute to the discussions (like this last poster).