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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Opportunities in a sea of discontent

Its easy to get down on yourself and the world with the constant stream of negative stuff out there. My suggestion is to be on the front foot and always look for opportunities.

They start to surface everywhere. I hear that bus companies are going through a staggering growth phase. If your worried about your job 'get your bus lincence' on the weekends....im not kidding either..

In shipping I see opportunities. Although the market is shrinking due to falling freight rates and a a few banckrupsies here and there, we can see opportunities emerging. Some well placed shipowners/investors with cash reserves are still holding out for further drops in vessels prices. They would also be well advised to keep an eye on trading and mining companies. A few cashstrapped miners could do with nice JV partners to help them through the tough times and then ride the waves when prices jump back. Nothing better than a nice cosy relationship (read 2 bucks above market) with an exclusive inhouse charterer...

Any investors out there with a few bucks let me know. ...i have contacts


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