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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baltic Dry Index - BDI - up 50

Steady gain - up 50 - biggest rizes in the panamax size. period activity quite strong.

Sitting at 2084 points..


  1. I am looking to start a career in shipbroking, and was wondering which sectors are the best paid? Is sale and purchase the best with dry cargo next?

  2. Hi

    How long is a piece of string? I Would suggest that all areas are well paid. Sale and Purchase is one of those sectors that can be sink or swim. Many of the top s&p brokers earn a heap of money but there are also many who havent sold a ship for some time and are on basic wages.

    Most shipbrokers, across all sectors are on fairly similar standard wages. (usd 127,000k being the current average). Bonus payments are where the big money is made. If you sell one 200 million dollar ship per year then you are in the bonus money.

    A dry cargo or tanker broker needs to do 100 fixtures per year to generate the same level of income so much more work intensive.

    So in conclusion - Sale and pruchase broking can be great. You can do very little work and earn millions but your pool of customers is small and hence riskier.