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Monday, February 16, 2009

The International shipping Industry

The bulk shipping industry is huge. Depending on timing estimates of the size of both the physical and futures markets run into the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Bulk trade requires the movement of bulk commodities like wheat, barley, coal, iron ore, steel products, alumina, Nickel oresetc around the globe. There are net export countries like Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile and net Import countries like Japan, UK, and India.

In order to move these goods we need ships. There are approximatley 1,000 Shipowners who control over 5,000 bulk carriers. The major shipowning nations are Greece, South Korea, Japan, Norway, UK, Denmark, China, India, Germany and the USA. Some shipowners only have one ship. The larger multinational companies can own upto 250 vessels. the market is wide and varied. All deals are done is US dollar currency and the shipping language is English.

The pure size of the industry together with the huge diversification means massive opportunities. There are markets and submarkets ready to explout for economic advantage. The industry supports over 100 different kinds of vocations employing thousands.

Shipbrokers and Chartering Executives are the elite niche where the money and the big decisions are made.

Im IN!

The Virtual Shipbroker

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