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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Insider guide to shipping

The good news here is that im well on my way to finishing my e - book - Insiders Guide to Shipping. There is lots of 'conventional wisdom' out there regarding the shipping world and International Trade. Like most industries there are a few people who cut to the chase and tell it like it is covering the best ways to get in the industry, the best ways to make money from the industry and more. Some will also be able to give guidance on how to be happy in a vocation, which is never easy, and involves something a bit deeper than just how to make a buck.

Anyway, Im hard at it so if you are keen to know more become a follower or add me to your favorites, and if you are feeling positively enthused leave me a message - helps with motivation you see. Truth is ive wanted to document my unique and proven persepctives for a while so it will be written anyway - haha!

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  1. Looking foward to your e-book, great blog.

  2. Thanks - im working at it...should be a few weeks away.