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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Im over here!!

Ahoy friends

I am still here but taking a break from posting whilst i circumnavigate the globe with my wife

maybe you have seen me

Books are still for sale and I am answering the occasional email.

Hope you are all well


  1. So glad you're still here and would occasionally blog. And Happy Lunar New Year. You've always inspired me a great deal taking step by step to the shipping world. Would definitely write you an email or two on my update.


  2. what type of vessel ar eyou circumnavigating the globe in? Great to hear from you VS!!

    1. Hi Nick

      the vessel is called the MV Racehorse…

      0.05 knots

  3. Hi good to see you are here, I have a big query and confused. I have a biyumen tanker ship 4000tons and it is doing voyage charter now and I have appointed a shipping management company to take care of my ship. I want to start my own shipping company what are the procedures accredetitation required for it is there a guide for this and which companies helps me do this.
    Thanks in advance

  4. Virtual shipbroker alive or dead?

  5. What r u dead virtual broker?

  6. Dear VS,

    I am new to shipbroking and would very much appreciate explaining the difference between the following types of commission:

    5% PUS
    5% Add com past us
    5% TTL
    5% Here
    5% TTL Here
    5% TTL Here inc add
    5% IAC

    Thank you very much! :)
    My email is barakat987@gmail.com

  7. Dear VS,

    Your website has been a very good source of info for starting my career in shipping and I would like to thank you for your efforts and wish you the best.

    I have an inquiry on the issue of brokers commissions and would appreciate your help.

    Can you please identify the differences between the following types of commissions:

    5% Total
    5% Here
    5% Total Here
    5% Past Us
    5% Ad comm Past Us
    5% IAC

    Thank you very much for your help.



  8. Hi VS!

    Thank you for the very wonderful blog, it is definitely one of the most informative on the web. I am going to intern at one of the shipping brokerage this summer and had been binge reading your blog. I read all your posts within 2 weeks. The amount of information is really useful and it definitely helped me in my interview in securing the internship.

    I have 3 questions and I would be glad if you can answer them:

    1) Are your books still available for purchase?
    2) Any tips on converting my internship position to a permanent job as a trainee broker?
    3) Is it a good time to enter the industry now?

    Thank you so much for your blog! Looking forward to more active posts from you :)