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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thanks patience....life is good

Thanks to all the readers who have kept in touch. I am glad you never lost patience. The good news is that there is so much content on the blog that newcomers and regulars still have heaps to interact with.

Case in point from a new reader


You should have seen our surprise when we found your blog. To my friend, it is like a validation of what he have to go through in on the spot, all these questions which he painfully discovered. To me, never heard of the word dry bulk before, I was able to go from knowing nothing to being able to analyse, discuss and think about issues. I finished reading the blog in 3 weeks (will probably go through all of it once more). We also bought the 4 books and went through them and the voyage estimation together. Thank you for writing the blog, really. I hope that you are well with all that you are up to. Hope to see a post once in a while.


I have enjoyed taking some time away from the blog and am full of beans ready to go

Word of advice - For Breakfast - if you mix baked beans (organic) with raw Sauerkraut, eggs (organic) and garlic - don't expect too much love from the wife for at least 2 days...

lesson learnt

great detox though but was it worth it?


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