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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Revolutions everywhere!

To our friends in North Africa and the Middle East. Stay safe and we wish you well with whatever transpires in you home states. I have many readers from the region.

I wonder if this event would have been possible (this combined consciousness across a few countries) had it not been for the Internet and the ability for the countries citizens to access information that is leading to these uprisings. I think this may be a good thing.

I dont pretend to know the issues in all the countries involved. As always it seems complicated.

Its a crazy time and out thoughts are with you.
The Virtual Shipbroker


  1. Robert Fisk uncomplicating things.


  2. Thanks for the link. Interesting stuff. BTW The virtual Shipbroker blog is non political and I dont pass judgement because im as ignorant as the next person.

    Someone once said - the day we admit that we know very little, we start to know quit alot!

    All I really know is that people are suffering and many are dying.


  3. ignorance is no good! know so much that you start to see the world as you are a bird high above in the sky, on its journey called life, glancing here and glancing there, seeing all the truths, blinded by none; when it reached the land only to hear the news of what happened as of late, the bird flies away, with the knowledge that I have seen it all clear as glass from above, to be brainwashed by no one. Mind being totally free, heart is at peace, no cellphone, no pc, no tweeting, no zillion freinds. Ah, Priceless Freedom.

    A BIRD.

  4. I sense a blog post on "Force Majeure" coming up...

  5. I have no idea what are going on there. The only thing I know is that I heard Mubarak's name in the news since many many years ago. It made me think that this Mubarak was not that Mubarak sometime.


  6. greetings from Egypt, the land of free people. finally.

  7. Greeting to you guys in Egypt - Our thoughts are with you and we look forward to seeing you guys flourish and be leaders across your region!