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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dry Cargo 4 month boot camp!

Hi All

Shortly I will be releasing details of a fresh intake for the VS Dry Cargo Chartering Cert. (yes I even have a certificate!)

As I said the first 2 students found the process incredibly helpful. It really is the best hands on, interactive way to learn shipbroking and chartering.

Important point: With regards to how the industry will view this certificate. Probably with sceptisism. This certificate is not for people necessarily wanting to ramp up their resumes with a well respected qualification.

The certificate is really aimed for those who want the real knowledge NOW. Its for those already running business's looking to get into chartering and shipbroking. Its for those with contacts and its for those already employed in the industry.

It is also for those wanting to learn about chartering and shipowning (not just shipbroking). We approach chartering from all the different angles!

The best part of the certificate is that it is interactive. From the very beginning I teach you how to write emails using shipping speak. All correspondence during the boot camp must follow strict shipping speak guidlines. And because its fully interactive if a students knowledge lack in one area, we can pause and do some catch up work before we move on.

The other exciting thing about the certificate is that there is interaction on tasks with other students. Infact at the end of the process students will work together in a series of virtual negotiations (both time charter and voyage charter).

This was an idea of mine from 12 months ago. Its a work in progress and I envisage that with every intake of students the course will improve as I learn about what the student really needs.

Anyway............keep a look out over the next few days regarding more course details, workload expected, how to apply, and what the costs are!

There will be a limited intake of 3 students. Course due to begin 01st June 2010.

NB: I have been contacted by a few organisations interested in training a small team. If you have 2 or 3 people wanting to take part we can also discuss this idea and I can design a program specifically for your business.


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