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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update on the VS Voyage Estimation Pack

Hi all

As discussed previously getting this pack together has proved a little more chellenging (and costly - ha) then i had envisaged......BUT we are almost there......

The basic voyage estimation software has been tested and after a few gliches looks ready to go. All that is left is for me (VS) to 'write up' the accompanying educational booklet. This book will containing step by step examples of many of the most important voyage / trade routes. It will also explain in depth how a shipowner, charterer, freight trader and shipbroker, can use the 'art' of effective voyage calculation in ones everyday working lives.

I reckon its going to be a fantastic resource for any level and type of bulk shipping executive. It will also be an incredible teaching tool for those interested in freight trading, shipowning, cost effective chartering and power shipbroking!

I have been extremeley busy on a number of fronts and I apologise for the delay in rolling this out. My most recent guess for completion in Mid/end January. (maybe 1 month away)

Thanks again to those of you sending me messages checking on its availability.



  1. Good to hear. Need any Beta testers ?

  2. Does this Voyage estimation Pack will include any Laytime calculations ????

  3. Hi there. Yes the pack will contain many voyage calculation examples.

  4. Sorry - i just realised you asked about laytime calculations (not voyage). No there will be no laytime calculations. That is another book!