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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its Booming Baby!

Incase you guys hadnt noticed - the shipping markets have exploded over the last few months. The BDI after hitting new lows last year of around 800 points has now roared back 5 fold to be once again over 4,000 and double the 100 year averages.

What does all this mean?

Ships are more 5 times more expensive to hire so many shipowners have retreated back to their caribbean islands content in the knowledge that everyday they are so much richer they could buy half of Los Angeles and 4/5 of Detroit.

Brokers are 5 times richer and once again q'ng up to buy the best that Enzo has to offer, and charterers are asking the same old questions - why did this happen? my company is losing money! (but lucky for me I an a shipbroker by trade so i can move if I have to!).

Big salaries are back and bonus's will be huge. The bull recruitment run is here in earnest and most of the major shipping centres are severely short of experienced chartering and brokering personel.

This is it - jump on board - Happy Days!


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