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Friday, September 18, 2009

Voyage estimating - dry bulk

Dear All

Due to popular demand I am currently putting together a work book of various voyage estimating examples (dry bulk) plus explaining the techniques and the art in calculating them effectively.

Running a ballpark voyage estimation is an incredibly important skill for any good broker. It is also a brilliant way to learn how your customer thinks. Voyage estimating is the cornerstone of how shipowners come up with their freight rates for any particular piece of voyage business.

Over 20 years in the business I have run thousands of voyage estimations. I have run them in my capacity as a shipowner, freight trader, shipbroker and charterer. For each, the aim is slightly different. No one knows this better than the Virtual Shipbroker.

All the tricks and assumptions will be revealed. Should be available over the next month or so.

A must for all brokers, freight traders, charterers and shipowners.



  1. Hello,

    I am a newbie shipbroker and must say your blogs are a great resource. looking fwd to your voyage estimation info. Keep up the good work!

    Pls help with the following doubt related to voyage estimating. I am looking to calculate a ballpark price of a dry bulk commodity that will be bought FOB and then resold CFR to a range of ports (1 load/1 disch), as first steps to negotiating the CIF sale. No vsl nominated yet.

    If commodity price is aprox USD 60 FOB and the approximate baltic route says USD 21000 (daily? Pls confirm). Should I be ok just multiplying this daily amount x the aprox number of days? or are things like bunkers, port calls, etc not included in this baltic daily average?

    Thanks much

  2. hi alex

    good questions.

    yes its a little more complicated that multiplying the daily hire by the approx days.

    My resource will be perfect for you.

    Hang in there fof a few weeks


  3. Thanks Much! Will do.


  4. Hi Virtual Shipbroker..I'm a student at university and i'm really interested in shipbroking. I need your help about voyage estimating. Could you please tell me how i can find example voyage estimation table? I'll be glad if you send my e-mail below. Thanks & greetings..


  5. Hi

    In dry bulk there is no such thing as a voyage estimation table!