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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A step back in time

I just stumbled on this link while surfing the net for some information.

(see below)

It was written in 1965 by a young trainee shipbroker.

In many ways some things havent changed. Most shipbroking shops are quite small and although the baltic is no longer the centre for transactions, brokers can still be found either there, or in some nice Italian Eatery or Indian Curry House, talking shop (in London that is)

Its interesting to see the infered interactions between old hands and trainees. As alluded to in my book 'Inside Shipbroking' we still see on occassion this type of culture in some shipbroking shops. As evidenced also by the recent settlement between a well known London Brokerage firm and a former trainee. Thats why I named the chapter 'surviving the first 2 years'

I need to point out that there are many companies doing the right things - good on you if you are!


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