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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shipbroker start-up Table of contents


If any of you are considering buying 'Starting a Shipbroking Business" check out the table of contents below andplease make an informed purchase decision. The book is primarily based on the Dry Cargo Industry because of its general nature and becuase of my background. Overall though, any shipbroking entrepreneur will find the info useful.

Also the book is actually two books in one

"Starting a Shipbroking Business" and "Shipbrokerage Business Plan". Down the track I might consider selling them seperately but atm they are as one!

Book 1 - Starting a shipbroking business

Preface 3
Introduction 5
Why a shipbroking company? 6
Who should open one? 9
Types of shipbroking companies 12
The structure of a shipbroking company 14
The typical services of a shipbroking firm 16
Shipbroking companies; volume and revenues 19

Planning your shipbroking business 21
Mini Strategic Plan 22
Business Plan 24

Know Your Customer 27
Finding customers and finding counterparties 28
19 great ways to grow your contact list 31
Approaching, Securing and Keeping Customers 35
Top 10 Reasons a client will want to support you 36

Shipbroker Critical Success Factors 39
Keeping Clients 42
Shipbroker Business Start-up: Common Mistakes 43
Important trends 44
How to look bigger than you are 47
The Final Word 51
The Virtual Shipbrokers Spectrum of Success 51


Book 2 - Ship Brokerage Business Plan 52

Executive Summary 55
Company Summary 57
Services 60
Market Analysis 60
Strategy and Implementation 62
Management Summary 64
Financial plan 65


The Virtual Shipbroker

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