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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The million dollar idea(s)

While writing my new book I was faced with a dilema.

I have had up my sleeve, for a number of years, 2 huge shipbroking business ideas that have yet to put into motion.

So when writing a book 'starting a shipbroking business' I am faced with a problem. Do I devulge these two ideas or do I keep quiet and thus leave them for myself at a later stage to develop myself?

The problem with including the ideas in a book to be read by a few people is that they are immediately devalued. On the other side of the coin, not discussing these two huge marketing opportunities, is somehow disengenious.

So here's what I am going to do. These two huge 'entrepreneurial' secrets, that the market is either ignoring or doesnt want anyone to know about, will NOT be included in the book.

They will however be available to readers of the book.

So - Anyone who purchases the book will be given the chance to prove their 'entrepreneurial' spirit to me! If someone can prove they have the means and the drive to create something big I will devulge the 2 secrets only to them.

I will give them the secret for free - well almost!

There is a catch. If anyone out there can prove to me they are worthy of these secrets then I want in. If you run with the idea my company needs to be hired as an ongoing consultant and or board member.

Make no mistake - this is for serious shipping entrepreneurs. Believe me when I say they are two opportunities that are so obvious, huge and so willing to be exploited that you will be surpirsed when they are brought to your attention. But that is shipping - sometime the most obvious opportunities are the ones easily overlooked.

So if anyone does decide to run with any one of these two huge insider miliion dollar secrets then
you know the score.

And here is the good bit. If you go through the process and you are chosen, and then apon hearing the 2 secrets if you are seriously underwhelmend and have no interest at all, you can walk away...Thats ok too. I will give someone else the chance to go with the opportuntity.

So all in all its a bit of serious fun!

The book, by itself, will be invaluable for all people looking to open a shipbrokerage. That is a given.

These two ideas are only for those who are thinking on a grander scale (read larger sized shipping entrepreneurs).

The book should be avialable over the next few days



  1. VS/Don

    You sure have my interest peaked! I've been looking forward to the timely release of your new book for the reasons we've previously discussed. Even if I don't qualify to get the "secrets" I'd like to work with the guys who do.
    Best regards,
    Don Divine

  2. Hi Don

    Nice to hear from you.

    As part of the book the final 16 pages are dedicated to a 'shipbrokers business plan'. It is based on a fictitious company called 'World shipbrokers' and gives the reader the chance to look at a formal business plan process from start to finish.

    The first 40 pages are dedicated to topics such as 'finding and keeping clients', 'shipbroker critical success factors', 'What clients want in a shipbroker' and 'common mistakes to avoid' - amongst other things.

    I'm sure the book have have useful titbits for anyone interested in starting and running a shipbroking company - no matter what size.

    Thanks again


  3. The content of the book sounds very interesting and I am curious about your ideas and your selection process, for sure I will have a look at it.

    Best regards,