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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Market news and general goings on.

Interesting to see that the world second largest mining company Rio Tinto has agreed to a 33 percent drop in iron ore prices with the Chinese. This is a good result for Rio in my opinion. Spot prices certainly dropped much more than 33 percent. having said the the BDI is having a nice run at the moment so if this continues it looks a fair result all around. The rising BDI must have forced the Chinese hand. Better get in now before its too late.

At the same time this deal was announced the CEO of BHP reiterated that he stilll thinks the markets are in for a wild ride..... I agree so hold on to your hats.

Re the new e-books. Thanks to the 12 of you who have taken the plunge and bought my new book(s). I wasnt sure if there was a market for this subject but from the response sofar there seems to be.

Quite a few of you are from an oil and tanker background which is very interesting.

A special thank you to Peter, SK and Jmny for your feedback on the contents of the book. Peter writes that the book has helped him gain a clearer picture of who his customers will be and how he will go about approaching them. He has also engaged the help of a mentor which is a fantastic start. Well done Peter. Sk was short but sweet stating that the best part of the book was the 'World Shipbroker Business Plan', and Jmny thought the entire book was well written and offered invaluable advice for the shipping entrepreneur.

Regarding the 'Million Dollar secrets' - yes they are still secrets. Again a number of you have expressed interest in finding out these secrets but I expect it will take some time before they are revealed to anyone who has a serious interest. Feel free to contact me should you wish to make a pitch.

Anyway - thats it from me. Busy few weeks for a number of reasons...

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