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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to start a shipbroking company / Shipbroker Business Plan

Hi All

Ok - The book is 98 percent finished. A spell check and a table of contents and we are done.
Unfortunately I have been called away for 2 days business so it will probably be available on Monday. As stated before, those of you who have bought one of my previous books will be sent a seperate email notifying you of how you can purchase the book for a big discount (close to half price). The offer will be on the table for 3 days and then the book will be made available to the general readers.

I am very happy with the outcome so I hope you are too.

The book is mostly from a 'dry cargo' perspective but by its general nature will be of interest to any bulk shipping entrepreneur.

It is split into two major sections.

The first section deals with most conceivable question a new business owner will have. For example - the different sizes and types of shipbroking firms, firm structures, planning your new company, finding and keeping clients, what clients want from a shipbroker, critical success factors, what services you need to provide, common mistakes and upcoming trends - plus more.

The second section is an actual 'shipbroking business plan' based on a fictitious start-up company based in Switzerland called 'World Shipbrokers Co'. The purpose of the business plan is only to give readers an understanding of the processes involved. Figures are purely arbitrary and not to be considered Industry Standards. Having said that I think you will get great benefit from reading through it.

Sorry for the delay! Back Soon..



  1. Hello,

    I read your previous books and I found them very useful and informative. You wrote that the figures that you will use in your upcoming book will not be industry standards. My question is why not?

    Wouldn't it be best if you used industry standard figures for those of us who are completely new to this and have an interest in the shipbroking business?

  2. Hi

    I have stated that they are not supposed to be exact industry standard for legal reasons, and also so that the reader still does their own homework. The figures are fairly accurate for a small shipbrokerage firm but all without guarantee....

    If and when you become a shipbroker you will learn to cover yourself legally at all times.

    That is the same reason I have a disclaimer in my book.

    Always DYOR

  3. BTW - I dont think there is such a thing as shipbroking Industry Accounting Standards!