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Friday, April 17, 2009

Starting a shipbroking business - part 2

Can someone with no experience start a shipbroking business?

Yes! if they have even one of the following

1. Time
2. Money
3. Close contacts with potential customers.

If you answered yes to ANY one of the above then 'Yes' you can start a shipbroking business. If you ticked yes to all 3 then send me an email with a signed contract and I will happily sign as your business partner today! (im only half joking)

If you have all 3 - then give me a call!



  1. I found your blog today when I was searching info on ship broker. Nice site and look forward to more of your articles. Helen

  2. Thanks Helen, glad to see new visitors to the site.

  3. I am setting up my own oil brokering company and as part of my training I am studying to take the ICS Advanced Diploma next year. I think your website is very interesting and promise to have a look at your ebooks. I have the three points, but consider very important to know more of the business from a professional perspective, particuarly advice of how to start(please don't send me your contract yet, as I have to talk with my contacts to see if I am allowed to colaborate with them :D)

  4. Hi David

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things! Yes I agree you must know as much about a business and an industry as you can before making any large committment. Either have the knowledge or have access to someone you can trust who has the knowledge!

    Good Luck and glad you like the blog!

    Keep in touch