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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Timing - Shows there is always a market for new entrants!

Michael said...
Curious thing:Moments ago I checked my e-mail inbox, and I have been invited to interview with a well-known London shipbroker in April. I applied to them some time ago and had almost forgotten.So with shipbroking at the front of my mind, I decided to check on your blog; and what do I know, the e-book has been released.I don't want to get ahead of myself but I think God wants me to be a shipbroker, haha!(I'm reading your e-book right now).


Michael, if god wants you to be a shipbroker i am not entirely sure if its a reward or punishement!

Just joking - good luck!


  1. MichAel, we don't know each other, but im very happy for you man, God Bless you and I hope the best in this new adventure in you'r life.

    BTW: funny joke Virtual, thanks for everything you have done in this great blog!

  2. No problemo - im really glad everyone likes it sofar - I have had some great feedback to both the blog and the E-book