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Monday, March 9, 2009

Can I still get a shipping job in this economic climate?

I have been asked this question from a few people now.

Yes it is true the shipping induistry like most other industries is currently going through a contraction phase. People 'are' losing their jobs and there is pressure on salaries. So far the damage has been small but who knows where this economic mess will take us.

But the good news is this. In down times there is always room for trainees, juniors and those who are generally less expensive. Established fat cats may be slow to agree to new terms, be pushed out or even retire in Fiji with there already made nest eggs. Remember the baby boomers need to retire eventually so the climate may quicken this up - There is always room for new people..

There is however a challenge for new entrants to be a bit creative in the way they enter the industry. Timing, patience, thinking laterally, willingness to learn, the ability to move - these are all attributes that one may need. There are a myriad of strategies open available.

You may be just that good a candidate that any shipping company would be crazy not to hire you. Hands up if your father owns 20 ships - you are hired!

The sheer size of the shipping industry means that opportunities will always be there.

The geographical distance between people also means that we are not all clamouring for the same jobs and the same piece of cake.

I have been amazed since starting this blog the different countries and cities people have been contacting me from. No 2 have come from the same area.....

Its all good...

Yours VS


  1. "It is entirely possible that no-one will ever see this blog....thats a lonely thought."

    I read this blog, and it has my blessings.

  2. Interesting stuff. I look forward to following your blog and opinions. Cheers